Brochettes au Fromage (cheese skewers)

IMG_7654 (1)

Serves 4

Ready in 10 mins


8 thin slices of lean beef (carpaccio)

8 slices of cheese (such as edamer or gouda)

100 ml sweet soy sauce (ready or prepared as indicated below*)

8 skewers

1 tbs vegetable oil


*To prepare the sweet soy sauce, in a small casserole bring to a boil (and let simmer 10 miniutes) the following ingredients: 200 ml soy sauce, 50 ml water and 100 gr white sugar

Let cool before use.

Cut the slices of cheese into smaller strips, roll each slice of cheese into a slice of meat as shown in pictures (and on a skewer). Make sure the cheese in well wrapped.




Heat the vegetable oil in a pan. Dip each skewer into the sweet soy sauce and fry them, both sides, for a couple of minutes or until the cheese is starting to melt.





Serve with sweet soy sauce.