Finally Out!

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Friends, finally my book is out!



A book for aspirational bakers including over 200 recipes of cakes, chiffons, bakery, creams, compositions, desires and many, many sweet things selected from the world.

And a lovely foreword by journalist and friend, Cristina Manfredi:

“The first time at Marco’s home: how I got angry!

I just decided again (maybe for the hundred time) to go on a diet and I ended up in eating twice (or maybe three times) the dessert. I am voracious when it comes to perfect desserts and I usually take it on the one who made it: “how can you not eat it? It looks and taste so great!”. With his version of the Pavlova, Marco obliged me to face the true reality of the crossroad of a person on a diet tempted by the magic of sugar: it is senseless to feel bad when you look at a dessert and also to be dominated by it. A good balance between the two is the right way. 

I always suspected that Marco is the secret son of Tin Tin. As beautiful as the sun, with an ace man mind and a heart filled with true humanity, Marco is capable of taking you to the essence of good food: a deep pleasure to be lived as a zen meditation. Creams, puddings, Génoises, chocolate are all a privilege of this side of the world. A privilege to be enoyed with full respect. Sitting at Marco’s table is a little lesson of the love for life. That kind of life that starts with the amazing harmony of savour and that ends up much deeper than that. Marco’s desserts are good and beautiful, the thoughts we make while enjoying them may transform us into slaves or free people.

It all depends on us.”

Buy here the italian version:

English version out in October!