Cherry Oat Bars


Again, many sweet things are inspired by Starbucks. Always loved oat bars but the one they call ‘Michigan Cherry Oat Bar’ is particularly good.

Not easy to make at the very start – unfortunately Starbucks has not published any books yet! So i had to try and try (starting with the simple Streusel recipe), it took me 4 tests to reach this result. And honestly you would probably think it came from the same oven! And it is soooo easy to make!


Makes 12 bars

Ready in 45 minutes


200 grams unsalted butter (room temperature)

200 grams all-purpose flour

160 grams rolled oats

100 grams brown sugar

half teaspoon cinnamon

300 grams cherry jam


Line a baking pan (square 21x21cm or round 23 cm) with parchment paper.

Pre-heat oven at 180° C.


Make the streusel: in a bowl mix together all dry ingredients (flour, oats, sugar and cinnamon). Add the butter (room temperature) and work it with your fingertips until the mixtures becomes soft and crumbly.




Put 2/3 of the mixture into the baking pan, and pat it down with your hands (or with a bottom of a tablespoon).


Top evenly with the cherry jam. Then top the cherry jam with the remaining streusel, make sure the crumbles are not bigger than the size of a chickpea.


Bake 30 mins (you will see it bubbling around the edges).


Cool down completely before cutting into bars.