Thai Chicken Coconut Soup


Chicken Coconut Soup



1 lt chicken stock

500 ml coconut milk

300 gr cooked chicken

1 tbs turmeric

1 tbs tamarind sauce

3 tbs fish sauce

200 gr bamia

200 gr chinese cabbage

60 gr fresh cilantro chopped

4 fresh spring onions

20 gr lemongrass

100 gr soia vermicelli

3 cm fresh grated ginger



In a casserole put the stock and the coconut milk. Bring to boil.


Add the ginger, the turmeric, the lemongrass finely sliced and the tamarind sauce.

IMG_8281 IMG_8287 IMG_8309 IMG_8303

Meanwhile slice the bamia, and dice the cabbage and the onions.

IMG_8213 IMG_8222

Add the bamia, let boil for 5 minutes then add the cabbage and the onions. Cook for 10 minutes.

IMG_8290 IMG_8317 IMG_8323 IMG_8327

Dice the chicken. And put the vermicelli in a container adding hot water.

IMG_8228 IMG_8334 IMG_8294

Add the fish sauce to the soup. Add the chicken. Simmer. Lastly add the cilantro.

IMG_8306 IMG_8300 IMG_8342

Put the chicken coconut soup together into the plate now: Put the vermicelli in a bowl, and add the soup on.

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