Feta Cheese en Papillote


Serves 4

Ready in 30 minutes


400 grams Feta cheese (in 4 slices 100 grams each)

150 grams cherry tomatoes

1 small green bell pepper

1 lemon

1 tbs capers


30 pitted Kalamata olives

Extra virgin olive oil



Pre-heat oven to 190° C.


Clean and half the tomatoes.

Clean and slice (3 millimeters thick) the green pepper.

Spread 4 aluminium sheets on a table, put on each of it a slice of Feta cheese. Season each slice of Feta cheese with one quarter of tomatoes, green pepper, capers, olives and 2 slices of lemon each.

IMG_9561 IMG_9568

Season with pepper, oregan, 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil each and seal the foil starting from the sides. Seal them and put them on a dripping pan.

IMG_9566 IMG_9577

IMG_9575 IMG_9579 IMG_9622

Bake 20 minutes. Serve.

To bake it a little, open it and bake for further 8/10 minutes opened.