Pumpkin dumplings with smoked scamorza cheese


1 kilo pumpkin flesh (the weight refers to clean pumpkin)

300 grams all purpose flour

50 grams semolina

1 egg

1 tbs salt


60 grams unsalted butter

5/6 sage leaves

40 grams smoked scamorza cheese grated


Cook the pumpkin into the oven (static 180° C), for 30 minutes circa or until soft – careful it doesn’t get brown in case lower the heat (alternatively you can cook it in a microwave oven with no water, as it is, for circa 20 minuti ad the highest power).


Still warm, mash them with a potato masher. Set aside and allow to cool. Add the flours, salt and knead well. Proceed as indicated in the Potato Dumplings (Gnocchi di Patate) recipe.




Melt the butter at medium heat with the sage leaves and let the fry until crispy.


Cook the gnocchi in hot boiling salted water and drain them with a colander as soon as they get on the surface.

Season them with the butter. Pour onto plates and top with the garted smoked scamorza cheese.