Schiacciata (calzone sicilian style)

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Those are the moments in which I regret I do not own a brick oven. But modern houses, it’s clear, are not for this old-fashioned ovens. The schiacciata should taste of stone and wood, like things well made, like grandmothers would. I tried to transfer as much as possible the taste of it and baking them at two different temperatures helps (in a brick oven in fact the heat is not constant but slowly decreasing since you put the schiacciate inside).

This is Rosa’s recipe, certified 100% wonderful Sicilian woman, who taught me patiently all secrets and tricks, including the typical spiral sealing. I am still a dummy when it comes to sealing it but “with practice – Rosa says – sooner or later I will succeed”. Lol. :-)


Makes 7/8 schiacciate

Ready in 1H+proofing


Circa 700 grams of pizza dough made with:

400 grams semolina flour

100 grams bread flour

7 grams dried yeast

2 tbs sugar

Lukewarm ater (as needed)



Check instructions here: Pizza Dough


800 grams curly salad

400 grams mozzarella cheese grated

600 grams fresh (fennel) sausage meat

1 big onion

2 potatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper




Slice finely the onion and the potatoes.

Open the sausage and cut it in chunks.

Wash the salad and chop it roughly.

Grate the mozzarella cheese.


Pre Heat oven at 220° C.

After first proofing is concluded. Punch the dough, knead for a couple of minutes and divide it into balls 150 grams each circa. Roll each ball with a rolling pin to 1mm thick (dust the surface with flour).


Put the potato slices and the sliced onion on a half of the rolled dough.


Add one or two handfuls of salad, onions, and top with the sausage and finally with the grated mozzarella.



Season with salt and pepper and with 2 tbs of olive oil.

Fold the schiacciata with the other half of the rolled dough and seal it well (if you can with the typical decoration – refer to the pictures below).






Bake for 10 minutes at 220° C (conventional oven NOT fan-assisted). Reduce heat at 150° and bake for further 15 minutes (leave the oven door slightly open to let the steam out).