Seared scallop with Jerusalem artichokes puree and its own coral caviar


Per 4 persone

Pronti in 40 minuti


8 capesante (2 capesante per persona o una se lo servite come antipasto)

500 gr di topinambur

300 gr di patate

10 gr di aneto tritato

30 gr di burro

Sale e pepe nero macinato

Olio EVO

Pepe bianco macinato


8 scallops (2 per serving or 1 if served as an appetizer)

500 grams Jerusalem artichokes

300 gr potatoes

10 grams dill

30 grams butter


ground black pepper

ground white pepper


Boil separately potatoes and the jerusalem artichokes. Peel them and mash them with a potato masher. Set aside.


Clean the scallops and retain the red coral. Wash the sacllops under running water and pat the dry woth a cloth or kitchen paper. Set aside.



In a casserole, heat the butter wtih a pinch of black pepper, add the potato and jerusalem artichokes puree and mix well at high heat until the exceeding water evaporates. Season with salt and set aside.




Chop finely the red coral, put it in a heat-resistant container, add 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, and put the container into a casserole with soft-boiling water. Mix the red coral until it starts to become hard. Set aside and stir every now and then until you serve it.



Heat 2 tbs of oil in a pan. At high heat, reach the smoke point (when you see the oil starting to create a burning smoke), add the scallops (side up down). Keep high heat and let it fry for 1 or 2 minutes maximum per side. Season with salt and retain from fire.



Put a ripe tbs of puree in the center of a plate, top with the scallops and top the scallops with a teaspoon of its caviar. Season with a little olive oil and a pinch of white pepper. Serve.