Seared Tuna Fish with raw Ginger and Bell Pepper Ratatouille


A recipe I tried in a Bangkok hotel a few months ago. Amazing. The fresh and raw ratatouille, is a pefect and balanced side for the seared tuna.

Lemongrass is easily found in international foodstores. Other ingredients easily found almost everywhere.


Serves 4

Ready in 45 minutes


400 grams tunafish ‘tail’

200 grams red and yello sweet small peppers

1 or 2 hot chili peppers

1 tbs grated ginger root

1 tbs chopped fresh cilantro

1 garlic cloved finely chopped

salt and pepper

sesame oil

1 tbs fish sauce (if available)

juice of 1 lime

1 lemongrass stalk finely sliced

2 tbs vegetable oil


Chop finely (using hand, and a mortar later – or a mixer) the following ingredients: bell peppers, chilli peppers, ginger, cilantro (retain 1 tsp for finishing later), garlic. Season with salt, pepper, fish sauce, 2 tbs sesame oil and lime. Set aside for 30 minutes.





Meanwhile heat 2 tbs of vegetable oil in a pan. Season with salt the tuna fish and put it into the pan. Sear it for 12/14 minutes, turning it frequently.

Put on blotting paper and set aside while you prepare the plate.



Put the ratatouille lightly drained onto the plate. Slice the tuna fish and put 2 slices per serving on top of the ratatouille. Season with salt and pepper, 1 tbs sesame oil and finish with the lemongrass and the cilantro. Serve.