Waiting for Spring


I miss Spring, above all during those winter cold days when the sun feels warmer than usual. This is the starting point of this february table set upo, created with Gianmario Negri.

To make this recipe you will need very few ingredients:

– one tank in wood (you can use recycled pallet wood boards, nailed together), adjusted to the size of your table a 20 cm wide and 20 cm high

– small cactuses, real of plastic ones as you wish. You will need circa 12/15 plants per meter of tank. Plus 1 small cactus for each guest

– fresh moss (easily found at gardening stores)

– Slices of a trunk (4/5 cm thick each), one per guest – you can easily find these at gardening stores

– decoration chains or similar (or kitchen twine) to close the napkins

– Old newspapers

The tank should be positioned in the center of the table – allow circa 50/60 cm per guest. Fill the tank with the newspaper paper. Position the cactuses above the paper and make sure that each cactus is elevated from the bottom of the tank). Fill the spaces between the small plants with some more newspaper paper and cover everything with some pieces of moss. Position the filled-in tanks on the center of the table.







Position the slices of trunk and use them as underplates. Set the table as usual. Position on the top left the individual cactuses (you can put them in small cermaic containers or cover them with some wood bark if available). And Spring will feel closer! ;)