The Christmas Table & Menu

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The Christmas Table

Cost for this Table is 20 euros (excluding plates, tablecloth and glassware)

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Serves 6 people

Ready in 20 minutes :)



6 or more white plates (at your choice) + 6 small plates (I picked a few shape of a star)

Forks and knives

one white plain tablecloth and 6 napkins

6 wine glasses and 6 water glasses

6 small recycled paper place mat

6 small boxes close with a butcher twine (you should put inside a chocolate)

6 small white branches to be tied up with the napkins

20 tea lights

6 tea lights holders (at your choice)

6 hanging tags (the wire the name of your guests on it) in recycled paper and some extra butcher twine

20+ branches 20cm each circa (you can buy them at you florist or collect them on the beach in summer)


Position the cloth, the mats, the plates and when the table is set, alternate in a straight line the big branches in the middle of the table. Scatter around the table the small tea lights. Lit them only at the very last minute (the duration is around 4 hours).

Tie up the napkins, with the twine and lie down the white small branches join the middle. tie also the hanging tags only after having written the name of all your guests.

Place everything like this:

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And here an alternative proposal to the usual Christmas Menu:

Two kind of Antipasti: Shrimps Salad in Avocado Shell e i Calamari with Red Rice and Chorizo Sauce. As a main The Sunday Chicken, that you can easily recycle in a tasty Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup the following day.

As a dessert no doubts I go for a homemade Panettone!

My friends: enjoy your season’s holidays! :)